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Repair information and troubleshooting for Craftsman-brand riding lawnmowers.

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Motor turns over wont start briggs and straton intek twin 24 ohv.

I fired up the mower the other day and went out to mow. I engaged my blades and drove for about 2 foot thought I heard a pink and the mower died. I pushed it to the garage and started troubleshooting. I found that I wasn't getting gas from the fuel pump to the carb. I replaced the pump and still nothing. I found a dry rot crack in the vacuum line from the valve cover to the fuel pump and replaced that. Still no gas, I checked the timing and the key is in tacked, I checked spark which I have. However 2 things to be noted, 1. I don't have a compression tester and 2. When I put my thumb over the spark plug port I feel no pressure. What could cause this?

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You may have had valve spring break. I would pull the valve cover and check and see if the valve springs are okay and moving correctly. I would also find out why you don't have fuel and buy a inexpensive compression gauge. You can pick one up from autozone, o'Reillys, parts plus, napa, carquest. I'm sure you have one nearby. Check which cylinder has low compression and remove the valve cover and go from there.

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Also male sure your gas cap is vented to prevent a vacuum forming in the tank.

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Is the piston moving?

Place a pencil, length of dowel rod etc in the spark plug hole and turn the engine over by hand and check .

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