Dishwasher cleans intermittently but often does not progress


Our dishwasher (Whirlpool Gold Series) has a frustrating problem - it doesn’t run…sometimes. Sometimes it goes through the whole cycle, and cleans fine. Other times, it fills with water then doesn’t do anything. Here are the symptoms:

1) Door latch - doesn’t make a good click sound, so it seems to not be perfect. I replaced this part, but issue remains.

2) It sometimes fills with water, drains water, and cleans the dishes.

3) Often, it does one of these things, but then just sits making a clicking sound.

4) Sometimes, opening and shutting it seems to help it keep going.

5) Sometimes makes a warm plastic smell - not quite burning/concerning, but warm. I think it may be the heating element being only partially underwater.

6) Does not work well on any cycles except 1 hour wash (which has the above problems).

Any ideas what part could be wrong here? We’ve thought about the control board, but I also read elsewhere that it could be a weak motor (sump and assy).

Thank you,


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