Why I keep getting oil in fuel tank?

Today I try to start my Toro self propel lawn mower and it wouldn’t start. After some troubleshooting I found the gas tank is full of oil. I drain the gas tank, check the oil level and put new gas in. Mower start fine with 1 pull. I mowed for about 15mins and the mower cut off. I begins troubleshooting and found the gas tank is now filled with oil again. I have seen many time where the gas get into the oil tank due to carburetor float issue, etc., but not the opposite. What could cause the oil to get into the gas tank?

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Are you sure you're not using mixed gas? There really is no way for oil to enter a fuel tank, there is no physical connection that would allow that. I simply can't imagine any scenario that would cause oil to backflow into a fuel tank.


Yes am positive. Only have 4 stroke equipment at home. This also the reason am puzzled.


Now that I think about it more, could it not be oil but something else? I remember the first time when I removed the gas it have two layers(yellow at bottom and orange at top). Second time I removed the gas also have two layers but only orange in color ( bottom layer is much thicker). Am assuming it was oil because it looks oily but could it be something else?


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