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Replacement Home Button not working

I recently destroyed my screen on an iPhone 8 Plus, then destroyed my Touch ID home button when I changed the screen. I got both my new screen and my new Home button from iFixIt so I’m pretty sure the parts are good. I was very careful with the install and am pretty sure it is all together right. The home button still does not work. Oddly, ifixit sent me a click home button but everything fit right so I assume it should work. Anything software side I’m missing?

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Starting from iPhone 7, replacement button will not work, this is by design from Apple.

They have a workaround mechanical button.

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That is the button I bought from ifixit I believe i still can’t get it to work.


Unless you buy from Apple, it will work


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My iPhone 8 did the same thing after I replaced original home button with one from iFix it. So I tried a hard reset, turned the phone off & restarted it…..home button still not working but my phone created a virtual button on the screen that does work!!

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