Ainol Q88: Tablet stuck at boot screen and can't past it

When I turn on this tablet, I was having concerns because of this.

This tablet was made in Shenzhen, China, and was bought from Amazon. I was surprised that this tablet was shipped to the U.S. as Android 8.1 and it has a 1GB RAM and 16GB storage. It was also shipped with a red case.

A month after my Ainol tablet was shipped, there were hardware issues. The password was put up unexpectedly in the tablet as a screen lock and I was frustrated. I tried to type the password, but Gboard keeps crashing. The second time I factory reset this device Google Play Services crashes, and then when I reset this device several times, it contains nothing.

I started to turn on my tablet, and when the tablet’s “Powered by Android” was shown, the screen stays the same (like the screen was frozen) and can’t get past the startup screen. It doesn’t work for a minute, even an hour.

I have pictures of the backside, disassembled without equipment (includes battery):

Block Image

Block Image

I can’t go to the safe mode on this tablet. I can’t use ADB because the USB debugging was off and it was recently been reset. I also can’t turn on OEM unlock. When I press power and down, it shows an Android with the door open without an /!\ sign. When I clear cache and data, it was still the same: doesn’t past the boot screen when I turn on. I checked on the firmware, which is Allwinner Tech A50 processor and the board ID 04K0310119C0.

Processor image:

Block Image

(Processor is Allwinner A50 J7310CA CCJ2)

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This is more a software issue. See this video

or better look in

Ideally after you reset the tablet

1. Disable Playservices, Disable many google apps

2. Install fdroid apk ( This is opensource play store

3. Install aurora store. From this you can install stuff from playstore but this is very low on resources

4. I have also some android go tablet. And installed 'simple keyboard from Fdroid'.

A tablet with just 1 GB RAM is too slow for google play. Remove or disable all google apps.


My tablet’s boot screen froze, and I can’t download these apps. I hard reset this tablet, but it was successful but doesn’t change.


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