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MSI GP60 2PE Leopard released in 2016. The model number is GP60 LEOPARD-010;9S7-16GH11-010.

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Laptop suddenly and soundlessly died, won't turn on

Hello! I have an MSI laptop that's been working perfectly for the last 5 or so years. Today it just died and won't turn on. I was working on it, then looked at my phone, and suddenly hear the fan stopped working and the laptop is off. There were no sounds, no beeping or cracking. No messages about low battery charge. When I try to turn it on, there is zero reaction from it. I tried switching the sockets, tried turning it on with the battery (power cord attached and not), without the battery (power cord attached and not). Opened the lid cleaned out the dust. No effect. I will try a different cord but it will be available only in several hours. Is there anything else I can do?

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Hi Alice,

Does it show any sign of charging when you connect the chord? If it doesnt then maybe you have to wait for a replacement and then you can inform us if the chord still doesnt work.


@Jesse Turi thanks for the reply! No, no signs. No lights, no sounds, absolutely nothing. Yeah, I will wait to the cord. It's just that i have a deadline on my hands and was hoping there is some other possible fix lol.


Okay lets get a bit risky. Do you have any kind of tester nearby? If you do you can test to make sure your power chord is not dead. Just be very careful when using the tester to avoid short circuits etc.


@jc_jit okay this might be a dumb question but what kind of testers? Like a multimeter? I don't have one unfortunately.


Ahh not really a multimeter though it would have been the most helpful though you can just use a phase tester for now.


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Hi Alice,

Unfortunately this sudden death can be due to many possible causes.

Did anything unusual happen before it died. Over heating, trouble plugging in charger to laptop, lock ups, dropping laptop, liquid spills, flickering screen, etc., etc.?

This is a long shot but have you tried the BIOS reset routine?

Remove power supply/charger, remove battery, unplug or remove the CMOS coin battery and then press and hold power button for 20 or 30 seconds.

This will reset the BIOS to default and hopefully remove any possible corruption. Any lights when power supply plugged in, even for a moment?

Here is a video of a complete "tear down" of the laptop:

also IFIXIT as well for some p0arts:

MSI GP60 2PE Leopard Repair

Take a look around where the power supply/charger connector is on the board. Any signs of wear or damage? Any signs of burning around any components?

Unplug one component at a time to try to eliminate a short. After each removal/disconnect plug in charger and look for any lights. Be careful discharge any static from your body by touching some metal object. Hold components carefully by the edge. The display screen is a good one to start with, then WiFi, hard drive, RAM one at a time rotating sockets each time, etc.

It is a start. Good luck. Let us know how it goes. Do everything slowly and carefully. Keep a brief, written record of what ever you do. If unsure, ASK!

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Hi Mike! Thank you for such detailed advice! No, that what's most puzzling, this death came completely out of blue. In the past, I had accidents with different laptops, including dying hard drives squeaking, blue screen, spilling water, overheating, etc. So I have a rough framework of problems to compare this case against. I was trying to get to CMOS battery yesterday following this exact video but for some reasons couldn't get the upper lid (the one underneath the keyboard) off.

No lights were coming throughout the whole process of disassembly.

No signs of burn/damage around the charging port or on the cable itself.

I will try to unplug all the components one by one and look for the lights for carefully and also to get to the CMOS battery.


I have unplugged the CMOS battery and tried to turn on the laptop without cable or main battery - no reaction. No CMOS, no battery, just cable - no reaction. No CMOS, no cable, just battery - no reaction. As I was unplugging different parts - no reaction.


Did you disconnect the display screen?

Touchpad, WiFi, hard drive, DVD player, etc. Any of these things could short out the entire system. The motherboard could still be in perfect condition.

Have you got any other computers in the house? If so you should be able to read your data from the laptop's hard drive O.K.


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