My Phone Fell in the Ground and Stopped Turning On.

My Samsung Galaxy J7 phone fell to the ground while using it's flashlights. It bounced total of 3, 2 hitting the sides and 1 hitting the front screen. The flashlight turned off after the bounce and when i tried to open it by pressing the Power Button, it didn't worked. It didn't even respond or vibrate, it also didn't displayed the charging icon when i tried to charge it. The charger is newly brought and works fine so i assumed it’s not the problem.

I tried to remove the battery and let it rest without battery for a day, but didn't worked either. I tried all the other methods i could find but none did the trick. I now assumed that the phone is completely dead inside and the only way to fix it is by going to a professional. But if not, do you guys know another way to fix it?

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