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Il telefono allora al top della gamma Samsung, il Galaxy S8, è stato lanciato nell'aprile 2017.

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Galaxy s8 back panel trouble

I've been apply heat with a hair dryer until the phone is almost too hot to touch and pulling with a suction cup near the bottom edge. I've attempted different angles fairly hard. I can not get the glass to move at all. I've been doing this for more than an hour and no progress has been made. Do I just keep doing this process until something finally happens or is there a better way?

I've seen the guide and know there is lots of adhesive. I've also seen several YouTube videos and it looks super easy.

This is my second phone repair. Any advise is helpful. Thanks.

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tip #1 patience.

tip #2, hair dryer for this is not the best tool, i would recommend a glass heating plate. this will heat equally the back glass of your phone. then you can use a very thin ic removal blade just to unglue the glass from the frame. (you just need lica 1/2 inch so you can insert a metro card, careful the glass breaks pretty easy). then use a typical metro card and with a syringe inject little isopropyl alcohol where you are moving the metro card. reheat the back glass as needed. check where ir the fingerprint scanner flex cause you can damage it easily. also careful with the NFC antenna qi charger coil.

Good luck

PS. most youtube videos will show you an already removed glass, and remove it again as they record, looks pretty easy.

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