MacBook Pro a1297 - 820-2610-A Green Light OK - NO POWER

Hi everyone.. i m new in MAC WORLD.

Usually i repair iPhone MotherBoard. I m learning schematic and some theory about MAC.

My question is :

I have a Macbook Buy from Ebay just for practice.

Green light is ok but no power.

I started to check from j6900 Initial Voltage fuse are ok.

On u6900

pin 6 PPVIN_G3H_P3V42G3H AND Pin 4 P3V42G3H_SW - Voltages are ok.

On pin 1 ( FB ) i have a,26 Volt. ( cuold anybody explain what FB mean plz?

On pin 3 P3V42G3H_BOOST - I have 6,8 Volt.

I changed u6900 but voltage are same.

I checked also u7000 - CHGR_ACOK (pin 14) have 2,68 Volt.

Ma scope is understand in this case, which are the first rail to test ??

Usually i see in many vidoes and see CHGR_ACOK have 3,something volt… is 2,69 are very low in this case?

Thanks everybody for attention.

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