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1.5 Core Solo, 1.66 or 1.83 Core Duo, or 1.83 or 2 GHz Core 2 Duo processor. This covers the first Intel-based Mac Mini models from Early 2006 to Mid 2007.

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Need for more Speed. An upgrade Question.

I want to squeeze out some more life of my mac mini 1.83Ghz.

I am running snow leopard with 4GB Ram and 500gb HD. (Can't remember the HD but it is a faster one)

I am afraid Lion will slow it down even more. I want to make it faster. What to do? Ssd? Cpu change?

Or does it make more sense to buy latest 2011 model?

Thanks in advance for you input.


I broke down and upgraded.

I got a ssd drive. It seemed easier then replacing the CPU.

I might still consider CPU upgrade if I can find one cheap enough.

I got a Corsair Force 3 @ Newegg. It had good specs. I got the 120gb version but regret that I didn't get the bigger one.

For a comparison I did a xbench before and after.


xbench with 7200rpm WDC HD was (Disk test)64.43.

xbench with ssd was (Disk test)243.85.

sequential w/HD 101.94

sequential w/ssd 148.85

random w/HD 47.10

random w/ssd 673.98

Night and Day the difference.

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I would opt for a complete upgrade to a newer Mini. You have a core solo machine and it's only going to bottleneck the systems performance even with an SSD and max RAM. Don't get me wrong, a good SSD will greatly improve the performance for your machine, but I would opt for a newer Mini, then place an SSD in place of the HD, and you'll be a happy camper for a few years to come. That's just my opinion though. ;)

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My 1.83Ghz machine is already a C2D and MAX out at 4Gb of Ram. I am considering a new machine but if I spent the $$ on a newer machine I would not be able to do upgrades, like ssd.

I just double checked and my machine has a

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T5600 (2M Cache, 1.83 GHz, 667 MHz FSB)


Oh ok. Your model identifier says it is a core solo on the top of the page. Core 2 duo is pretty fast. Place a good SSD in there and your 4 GB of RAM are plenty unless your doing photo or video editing. I wouldn't upgrade to Lion if you can only go up to 4GB of RAM.


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I installed a 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU into a 1.83 GHz Core Duo 17" xbench on the original was 117.88, CPU 78.21 New configuration is 154.06, 154.06 CPU. This compares to the 2.66 GHz '08 & '09 machines.

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I only worry about heat with changing from a C2D 1.83Ghz to the blazing fast 2.16Ghz C2D. Did you notice any problems with heat?


No heat problems at all. I used a T7400, just remember to replace the thermal paste.


You should be able to get the processor on eBay for $100


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If I change the CPU and add a ssd then it will max out this machine.

The total cost for both is around $500-$600.

It is so close to a new machine cost that I am starting to lean towards buying a new one.

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I agree. macs have a high resale value. You can always sell your old machine and use the money for a newer machine. I was able to sell a Early 2009 Macbook for $500 with no problem. Save the upgrade money and sell your machine and just get a new one. That's my opinion.


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I bought a 1.83 GHz C2D A1176 Mac Mini (2007) for $150 on eBay. I bought 4GB RAM for $45, it already had Lion installed. I bought a 500GB 5400RPM HD for $50. I bought an OWC SSD for $70 and a caddy $50

Total Package: $365 but the SSD and 500GB hard drive will step this machine up for a while. The smaller of the two new Mac Minis is $600.

I have another mac mini A1176 Core Duo. I upgraded the processor with a T7600 for $30 (Amazon) and formatted the 80GB drive and installed Snow Leopard which I have already. I did buy a new optical Superdrive ($50) because I want to play DVDs on the beast. I left the original 2GB memory in it because I don't want to risk the firmware upgrade in case I end up with a brick. So $80 and I have a fairly decent upgrade.

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