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Before merging with HP, Compaq manufactured a full range of laptop computers. Now they are manufactured by HP mostly with basic features.

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My screen monitor color is yellowish

Hi I have a Compaq Presario CQ40 and I have it reformatted and when I turn my screen on, the color just turned into yellowish tint instead of white and it hurts my eyes. Please help me fix it. Thanks!

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It is commonly due to a worn or damage of the monitor cable.check the monitor cable and head on the motherboard.if it looks worn then it might be the problem.sometimes it can be fixed by removing and reinserting the head.if that doesn’t help then adjusting the color or disabling night mode might work.

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Thanks. I tried the night mode off and the color management setting and it still not changes so maybe I should have my computer checked by the experts.


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What OS is installed in the laptop?

Try starting the laptop in safe mode to check what colour the screen is.

Search online for (insert OS) safe mode for how to do this, e.g. Win 7 safe mode or Win 8.1 safe mode or Win 10 safe mode.

If the colour is OK when in safe mode then you have a video driver problem. The screen may look different because only the basic drivers have been installed in safe mode. It is the colour that you’re interested in, not the screen resolution when doing this.

Restart the laptop in normal mode and go to Control panel > Device Manager > click on the arrowhead to the left of Display Adapters and then right click on the display adapter entry > Uninstall and follow the prompts.

Restart the laptop and Windows should "find" the display adapter and reinstall the drivers for it.

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