S4 No lights, Won't turn on, Won't charge! No signs of life

I bought my Galaxy S4 brand new. I’ve never ever had any problems or glitches with it. In February of 2020, I gave it to my son and had it turned on through “Straight Talk”. My son is autistic and only uses it to browse the internet and watches videos on “YouTube”. I did replace the battery because it was swollen. Over the weekend the phone just completely went silent on everything! Won’t turn on and when plugged in doesn’t show that it’s charging? I’ve tried the reboot, NOTHING!

I know it’s old, but it’s never given me any problems. I am just shocked that it all of a sudden just died!

Is there something I’m over looking??

I would be very grateful for any information that might save this phone! It’s got a lot of memories on it and I’m heartbroken as of right now!

Thank you in advance!


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