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Guide di riparazione e informazione sullo smontaggio del MacBook Pro 16" rilasciato nel novembre 2019. Modello A2141, EMC 3347.

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it's possible upgrade the ram?

Ram Upgrade…can I upgrade the ram?

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Nope. Thanks to the T2 security chip, I believe the memory, RAM, and CPU are all encrypted to each other. They’re also soldered into place.

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Is it a well established fact, or are we guessing? Imagine after the guarantee is over and no service contract any more; would have to buy the Mac back after repairs (or throw it away, depending on costs) when a failing Ram is suspected? Already had 12 Macs and had two Motherboard replacements; Cost about €700 about 4 years ago. Apple was great to charge nothing because it was a know series with a known HDD controller problem, and that on 6 year old MBP's. Can customers rely on Apple's goodwill? Without goodwill the two MBP's would have landed on some spare part heap.


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Ram shouldn’t be tied to t2 chip. It should upgradable if you can manage to take off and solder bigger BGA ram chips, and change some resistor configuration to make it recognize the bigger ram. There are ram 16 chips from the looks of it. Right now there isn’t a definitive guide on it… nor do we know the compatible ram chips and where to buy them…Maybe buy ram sticks with similar micron chips on them and use the chips on there? IDK. Hopefully more info will surface in time.

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Was also thinking about it; how are they changed or replaced by Techs at Mac Service-Shops? When being used to soldering IC’s on multi-layered MoBo’s with an anti-static, isolated temp-controlled Weller or such soldering Irons, is it possible at all?


It's not that difficult to swap out the ram chips. You just need a decent hotair station like the one louis rossmann is using. Costs around $200. Then with some practice on dead boards/ram sticks you can change out the chips yourself. Provided you can find the correct compatible ram chips. The thing is right now seems nobody has cracked the hardware configuration with the newer t2 based macbooks. After you change the ram you need to do some tricks like changing some resistor or maybe need to flash new bios to make the system recognize the new lager ram. Perhaps the schematics have not been leaked yet. We can only wait and see. Glad I bought the macbook 16. Cuz with the new apple silicon macs the ram is integrated on the CPU so most likely will never be possible to upgrade or even repair them.


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