Why did my Whirlpool G17FVCXWY01 refrigerator stop making ice?

Hi, - My Whirlpool G17FVCXWY01 Frenchdoor Refrigerator is barely making ice. It does make some ice over long periods of time, so I don’t think it is an ice maker problem (not sure?). It seems that the ice making compartment is not cold enough which is causing the slow ice making. The freezer is working properly (nice and cold), so I think the compressor is ok (?). Also, water supply does not appear to be an issue as there is water in the cube tray and the water dispenser is working fine. Any ideas on this issue? Is there a timer/blower that brings cold air to the ice making compartment at the top of the fridge? Thanks for your help!

P.S. - What does the ‘Test Switch’ on the ice maker do? What is supposed to happen when this button is pushed??

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Is the water dispenser flowing freely?


Yes. Water supply does not seem to be an issue. Thank you!


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