upgrade batteries from 10.8V to 14.4v

can you help me measure the values of the 2 resistors?

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Hi @odbileg ,

More information is required.

Which resistors?

What are you trying to do?

If the resistors are already there, either read their markings to determine their resistance value or disconnect (unsolder?) one end of the resistor from the circuit board and use an Ohmmeter to measure the resistance between the resistor legs


Hi @Jayeff, Thank you for reply.

I have Bosch GBA Battery 10.8V (3 cells). When i was open battery pack one more room for 3.7v cell (18650). I soldered one cell, but charger (10.8-18v) can't determine upgraded battery pack, because internal 2 resistors different for 10.8v pack and 14.4v battery pack i think. i need value of resistors of 14.4v battery pack


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