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Remove heating element from Whirlpool Gold Series

Hi everyone.

I have a 3 year old Whirlpool Gold Series dishwasher W108669117. Recently the wash performance has been very poor and we noticed nothing was drying. I have a wireless temperature logger that I put in for a cycle and it reached a maximum temperature of 67degF.

Obvious thought is the heating element. I’ve watched the online videos and they say “remove the heating element”. Well that sounds easy apart from on mine. The thing will not budge. Any ideas?

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Ah yes, I got the wrong number. The correct model number is:



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Richard Yourden, the heating element has two terminal that go through the rear tub with plastic nuts that secure it to the bottom of the tub. With the power off, I gain access by removing the lower kickplate and reaching underneath the unit. Some techs pull the unit out from the wall. Test the heating element with a multimeter before replacing it. Also test the thermostat,

its located on the underneath sid of tub. It’s a disc attached to the bottom. Check the resistance of each to determine if they have failed.

Have you add any liquid rinse aid lately? This is the most common problem. Newer dishwashers depend on the rinse-aid to dry the dishes. The heat cycle is shorter due to energy efficiency and the rinse-aid does an excellent job of sheeting the water off the dishes and off the tub. I would check the rinse aid first. It’s in the dispenser next to the detergent. If you see blue it’s full.

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Hi @ladytech ,

Just for my info, does this dishwasher really need a hot water supply or can the heater element raise the water temp to the correct operating temps for washing and drying from a cold water supply?



The heating element isn’t capable of heating the water but just a few degrees. All dishwashers need to be connected to the how water supply and that temp should be 120*f. The heater doesn’t sit in the water. It’s main purpose is to help with drying. The new d/w don’t have much of a blower so they depend on the rinse aid to dry. When there’s no rinse aid the dishes will come out spotty and dirty looking @jayeff


@jayeff The reason for the 120*f water is for the detergent to work properly. It states it on the detergent label.


@ladytech ,

Thanks for the feedback

Interesting how dishwashers are operated differently in different countries.

Where I am a lot of dishwashers are connected to the cold water supply and the water is heated by the heater in the dishwasher.

I have connected my dishwasher (Bosch) to my household solar hot water system via a 60 deg. C tempering valve so as to reduce the power costs when running the dishwasher by reducing the amount of time that it takes to heat the water to the required operating temperatures. This also reduces the total time taken for a complete wash cycle

Bosch specifies cold water to be connected to the machine but will allow hot water of max 60 C to be connected without affecting the machine components or the warranty etc.


@jayeff Really? Wow! I’ve often wondered what appliances are like in other countries, like, how they are made, who manufactures them and if there are differences, why. I’m in the United States. Most of the appliances here I assume are in Mexico, Canada, France due to the different languages in the manuals. I’ve had customers from England tell me that the clothes washers in the U.S. are terrible, that in England the clothes are much cleaner. I wish I could live long enough to experience how life is like in every country. It think it would be fascinating.


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Hi @ry1808 ,

Please verify the model number of the dishwasher as the number you posted shows no results.

Also, if possible check what is states in the installation manual that came with the dishwasher, regarding the dishwasher’s water supply temperature, as a lot of dishwashers require that the water supply temperature is 120 deg. F (49 deg. C) at the dishwasher.

It may be that the dishwasher’s heater element is not the problem but the water supply temperature is.

The heater may be only used to boost the water temperature if a Hi-Temp wash option (or similar) is selected and also for drying but the water temperature is starting from a higher base temperature.

Update (03/10/2020)

Hi @ry1808 ,

As I suggested, according to the the following extract from the installation guide for the dishwasher (see p.8), it does require a water supply at 120 deg. F.


■ This dishwasher has a water heating feature and also requires a connection to a hot water supply line.

■ A hot water line with 20 to 120 psi (138 to 862 kPa) water pressure can be verified by a licensed plumber.

120°F (49°C) water at dishwasher

Have you checked this out, you didn’t say?

Also have you checked that the heater element - part #30 is OK or not by disconnecting the power from the dishwasher and testing the heater element with an Ohmmeter before going to all the trouble of removing/replacing it in case it is not the problem, you didn’t say?

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