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Can use screen, but LED Backlights dont work?

I have a 2nd gen. itouch, that works great with one issue. The LED Backlights dont work @ all. I can turn on display and do my thing mostly select music. But the LED backlights dont brighten up the display. Basically what are my options? Can I just simply replace the LCD or are the lights set up individually of the display?

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The LCD has the lights behind it, but need a chip which is located in the logic board to run these lights. If the chip is fried, you will need to replace it, or else it may be just the LCD backlights which are wrecked.

If the backlights are VERY faint, you will need to either replace the LCD screen or a part on the motherboard (logic board) which is called the backlight IC. (I believe iPod 2nd generations had these?)

Cheapest thing to do would be replacing the backlight IC on the logic board, but this is not always the problem and is very hard to do (requires soldering)

Easiest (fairly easy) thing to do would be replacing the LCD, but this is also a more expensive way of TRYING to fix it.

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Thank you for the response and understand but I have a question to your response.

How can I tell which one it is before I get involved with this project? Or is this going to be one of those trial and error kind of things?

Based on your response I'm beleiving that its the lights themselves. Since I can adjust the brightness setting and it does not apper to do anything. Also, I believe(not positive) they might have gotten overheated and burned out, I leave it plugged into my radio(charge off the battery and listen to music) 90% of the time and it stays in the car and the car is in the hot Southern sun 90% of the time with the windows cracked and I feel that maybe I left it on when I left it.


You will really not be able to tell which one to try first. Best thing to do would be trying the cheapest way (if money is partially an issue) or else try the LCD (if you want to try the best situation first (more likely to be whats wrong))

Also how you're saying you're adjusting brightness and that, no matter what is wrecked, whether the chip or the LCD lights, you will not be able to change brightness.

If you believe it has gotten to hot, and you really believe it is the LCD that's making the problem, best would be change the LCD. If you want to go a cheaper way (and less positive results) try changing the backlight IC.

Best of luck!


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