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Processore quad core Intel Core i7 da 2,2 GHz (3,4 GHz con Turbo boost), 2,5 GHz (fino a 3,7 GHz con Turbo boost) o 2,8 GHz (fino a 4,0 GHz con Turbo boost) con 6 MB di cache L3 condivisa.

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BatteryGate 2: MacBooks get slowed down by Apple when battery ages?

NOTE: I posted this thread on the Apple forum. A minute later it has been wiped out. Coincidence? I don’t think so…

I noticed this on two of my MacBook pros, 2014 2.6 and 2015 2.8. Both must show certain Cinebench scores - 2.6 about ~640, 2.8 ~680.

None of them are even close. 2.6 shows ~550, 2.8 - 540. They are flawless, the paste is new, I even tried liquid metal, and no, they're too slow in any way, anyhow.

But than I installed windows on the first one. And... 660 CB points! Even more than I could expect! And it's running fine, simply without MacOS. That lead my to a thought - MacOS limits the performance somehow. Why, and what could it be? And here is my guess.

Old batteries. 250+ cycles on one, 600+ on the other. Remember the scandal about iPhones secret slowdowns because of old batteries?

I bet it's somewhere close. I now order a new battery and will check it throughly later. But I feel my guess is close to truth. And no matter why - my perfectly functional MacBooks are ~20% SLOWER THAN THEY SHOULD AND CAN (with Windows) BE. I feel it like a fraud, cause the machine TWICE THE PRICE runs just as a base model and even worse. I feel something disgusting here from Apple. Again.

Let's check our machines and compare the scores to what it should be and than look at the cycle count. I think you should discover the same what I did

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p.s. My thread didn’t survive a minute :D

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…and this is how stupid rumors get started and people wind up paying twice as much in the long run. Nice try but I ain’t buying this garbage.


@intenditore is this a repair related question?


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Sorry to bust your bubble there is no BatteryGate-2! Or other Gate

You do need to be careful you in how you measure things. Jumping between OS’s is not the way you would prove much of anything. Each OS leverages more or less of the systems thermal management system and well as the systems performance.

MacOS uses all of the MacBook’s services unlike Windows or Linux so it can appear to have more performance.

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I base my estimations on the reviews followed the product release. The current OS of 2015 was El Capitain, so I restored it onto my machine and did a test on the fresh system. The results are what you see.

My methodology is correct here :)


So you're telling me you are doing a true Apples to Apples comparison. You erased the drive completely installed OS#1 did your testing and then erased the drive again completely and then did the same exact test again and got different numbers with OS#2. How do you know this was a battery issue Vs the worn SSD or even the differences within the OS's you are trying to test.

You are assuming the issue in the performance within your Mac is Apple throttling the system. I can tell you Apple is not doing that! I have fixed tones of systems with performance issues, I have yet to see one that was Apple doing something to mess you up. Even the iPhone BatteryGate was not intended to mess people up to try to sell new iPhones or even batteries!

How about listening to someone who can explain the iPhone Battery mess more sanely! How iPhone #BatteryGate Went So WRONG. Apple failure is one it keeps tripping on! Holding their cards so tight so people have to guess on the reason. Having an information vacuum can be just as harmful! As in this case where people imagined the worse of Apple.

I'm not saying Apple hasn't done bad things they have! This is just not one of them!


But you can't call it "normal" if the same system on the same OS performs ~20% worse with nothing changed in it but battery capacity and charge count, agree? But it's happening!


How about running some diagnostics to find your problem Vs assuming the worse! I've fixed lots of MacBook retina systems and I've yet not to find a defect in something which explains a performance issue.

Install these two programs:


TG Pro

Take a screenshot of both with Battery-A system Vs Battery-B system. Both systems need to be the same CPU & Memory and the drives need to be clean with a fresh copy of the same macOS. Anything different invalidates any tests.


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