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Very vague boot loop after replacing frame on iPhone 8+

Hi there.

I just replaced a broken back glass on an Iphone 8+, by moving all components into a new frame with a new back glass on it. Now the phone is stuck on a boot loop. The apple logo appears only for a very short time each time it loops and you can barely see it (You can see it clearly if you have a light shining straight onto the screen).

Does anybody know what this could be?

Thank you

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Doing a housing replacement is a hornet’s nest of potential issues. So many changes at the same time, it becomes difficult to figure out what is causing what.

I would remove the logic board and connect only the Lightning Flex and battery and then connect it to an iTunes enabled computer. If it is fully recognized, then add one component at a time (always remember to disconnect the battery first) until the phone stops booting and you should be able to identify the defective component. If the phone doesn’t boot even in a minimalist configuration, then you may have damaged Lightning Flex (rare)or the logic board (more common).

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Hi there, thanks for the response!

So I tried this, and nothing happened at minimal configuration. I decided to try and move all the components back into the old housing and Ta-da, it worked. So I thought maybe the components that came with the new housing were faulty (the flex for the power - and volume up/down buttons). I moved the original flex from the old housing into the new and put it all back together and it went into a boot loop again.

The only thing that I was not able to move was the wireless charging pad, so other than that, was it the exact same phone just in a new housing. But it would not work. Except when I moved everything back into the old housing, then it worked perfectly.

So my conclusion is that either the new wireless charging pad is somehow interfering with the function of the phone, even tough I tried to turn it on with the pad unplugged and it was the same. Or Apple has somehow made it impossible to use an aftermarket housing with original components.


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