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TV requires that I unplug/replug the power cord from the wall to start

Red light is on. TV won’t start unless I unplug the power cord from the outlet, wait 20 seconds and then replug it into the electrical outlet. Then it is fine. This process must be followed each time it is turned off in order to start again.

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Hi @esmerelda ,

What is the model number of the TV?


Model # is 32LN530b


I have RCA model RWOSU6549-B and I have to do the same procedure when turning on the TV


I have the same problem .. my Oled tv will only turn on when I unplug it and then wait for a while and plug it back in? I have had a LG recommended service guy come to look at it but hey didn’t know what was wrong with it. I think he thought I was imaging it. I have read comment after comment on lots of different sites and everyone appears to have a similar problem. My tv has been used 10 times and I’m really !#^&@@ off. I think LG should at least have some help to sort this problem with their Oked TVs .


@ach4671 if nothing else they should at least check the powerboard for bad FET or the main board. What model is your TV. How old is it? Used 10times….not covered under warranty?


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Hi @esmerelda,

Just trying to eliminate a few things

When you turn it on and it doesn’t turn on, does the TV power light change colour at all?

Have you tried turning it on using the Power button on the TV itself to check if it turns on OK?

Given that you have to perform a power reset every time it appears as though the software that controls the TV may be being corrupted somehow.

Here’s an image of the troubleshooting flowchart for the Power up boot check taken from the service manual for the TV.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

You say that the red light is on so it seems that the standby power is OK.

You will notice at step 4 in the procedure it states to re download the software.

As I don’t know where you are, I cannot provide the link for you to get the correct software and the installation instructions. The TV was sold all over the world but because of this there is different software installed depending on the operating conditions prevailing in the various countries. Installing the incorrect software can “brick” the TV so that it will no longer work.

If you provide your country location only I should be able to help you further with this.

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My model number is 55um6910puc I have the same problem please help


Hi @Mr Springs

Here's the firmware (see software and firmware right side of page). Try reinstalling it and check if it resolves the problem. The instructions are there as well. It won’t update if the software is the same version as is already installed in the TV

As I said above it may depend on your location as to whether it is applicable to your particular TV model.

Perhaps if you search using the full model number e.g 55UM6910PUC.AUS it may be that the firmware is different. (In the example it happens to be the same but this might not be for your model)


I have the same problem with my 42inch jsw tv.. should I take it back to the store where I bought it?


I've had the same problem with BOTH of my RCA 58ib tv sets. Both tv sets I've had to unplug and plug the power cord in each time I want to turn on the TV. Tried calling RCA customer service (5) days in a row, and NO technician has called me back. Customer service won't give me the tech support number either, like it's classified information or something!!! I'm getting ready to return the (2nd tv) to the store and try a DIFFERENT brand!! Extremely disappointed in RCA customer service to say the least!! I got a message to update my software on BOTH tv sets and that did nothing. How can the same problem happen to BOTH new tv sets????? Any suggestions would be appreciated, as RCA has been NO help !!!!!!


Any luck on this? Just got a 58" RCA Webos TV last wk, was fine then 3 days ago started doing this as well, have to unplug & plug it right back in every time I turn it on.


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