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Model A1311 / Mid 2010 / 3.06 & 3.2 GHz Core i3 or 3.6 GHz Core i5 Processor

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Has she finally given up?


So, on returning home one evening i noticed my Imac had shut itself down of its own accord… (i had left the computer on when i left in the morning…)

Then upon trying to turn her on (phrasing) she began to boot till about 2/3’s the way up the loading bar, then the machine turned off completely… this happened on every attempt i made to turn it on…

It will however load up in recovery mode and also in target disk mode

When i tried to boot it up in Apple Diagnostics, it came up with the ‘!’, so i am leaning to the fact there is a hardware issue, but the harddrive is viewable on another mac in target disk mode… so it can’t be that? Or?

Does anyone have any solutions…?


in hope,


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Sadly, your dedicated GPU has failed!

Running Target Disk Mode only leverages the CPU intergraded graphics (IG) engine. while your system trying to boot up starts off running the IG, during the boot at 2/3 mark the system flips over to the dedicated AMD graphics card (DG).

Here’s the steps to replace it: Sostituzione scheda grafica iMac Intel 21.5" EMC 2389

Getting a new part is getting hard and used boards are iffy! You could try baking (or heat gun) your board to see if you just have a cold solder joint.

But before you go down this path make sure you have an external backup of your data.

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Try boot to a mac os install USB

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