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iPhone con schermo da 4" introdotto nel marzo 2016 con specifiche hardware simili a quelle dell'6s. Disponibile in Argento, Oro, Grigio siderale, Oro rosa con 16 o 64 GB. Modelli A1662 e A1723.

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I can’t get the home button bracket screws out!


I have repaired 2 iPhone SEs so far, and every single one I have found the two screws over the home button bracket very hard to get out. I have ripped the bracket out successfully twice, but because of the shattered screen on this one, I cannot get it out at all! The screws are also now stripped!

Any ideas?

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On water damaged SE’s I have drilled the left screw out than covered the home button components and applied super glue to the screw on the right.

I than bend the bracket up from the left and turn the bracket hopping the right screw will come loose. If this doesn’t work I drill it out.

They are easy to drill out if you have the right tools. I use a Dremel with dentist bits. If I were you I would invest in some quality drivers for removing the screws.

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I’m definitely going to hive drilling a go, however where can I get the correct type? I searched for one, but had no matches. Thank you.


I think I purchased mine from iPad Rehab but that was years ago.


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