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The late 2005 Power Mac G5 was introduced in October, and discontinued in August the next year. There were three configuration options, one dual core processor at 2.0 GHz, one dual core at 2.3 GHz with model number A1177, and one dual core dual processor (quad core) at 2.5 GHz.

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POST fails, checkstop LED blinks twice repeatedly

I’m playing with a Quad Core PowerMac G5 (A1117). So far everything was fine, I’ve reworked all the thermals and the machine worked well for more than a week under high load, compiling non-stop.

Today I’ve turned it off and after several hours tried to turn on. But it doesn’t POST anymore - checkstop led (led #7) blinks twice after power on, then waits, then blinks twice again. I’ve tried to pull out the RAM and graphics card - no change. Tried to power on without CPU module at all - well, as expected it turns on CPU leds.


Would be grateful for any hints what may it mean.

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With an experiment I figured out what it means. Double blinks mean that CPU B misbehave, single blinks mean that CPU A misbehave. Most likely I’ve damaged my CPU B while working on thermals.

By the way, 2.5 gHz 630-7419 CPU card seems to be interchangeable with 2.3 gHz 630-7418 - I replaced broken 630-7419 with 630-7418 and it worked without an issue.

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