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Lanciato il 22 settembre 2017. Modelli A1863, A1905. Disponibile in versioni GSM o CDMA / 64 o 256 GB / gold, silver e space gray.

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Failed: unable to complete Touch ID setup

Screen replaced but the home button lost all functionality. It is the original equipment from the original iPhone 8. Help?

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You would need to check your home button flex cable first, the one that is attached to the screen. Look under a magnifying glass to see if there is a slight tear.

 If it is not the flex cable it will be a component on the home button assembly. This would require a reputable repair shop to fix the problem. The only other solution would be a screen replacement by apple.

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The home button may be damaged, use a microscope or something to see if there is any visible damage (such as a tear) in the flex cable. Also make sure that everything was fully connected and “clicked” into place.

If it is damaged, then your only other option is a screen replacement by Apple, as every individual home button is paired to each device.

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