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In August 2000, the ninth-generation Corolla was introduced in Japan, with edgier styling and more technology to bring the nameplate into the 21st century.

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Why is my father's 2003 Corolla riding bouncier than usual?

My father’s 2003 Toyota Corolla LE, except when going near interstate speeds, feels very bouncy when driving, sort of like driving over speed bumps lined up one after another. The car may need repair. What are your suggestions, as long as it does not cost much money to carry them out?

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brakes, faulty struts, rod ends, at a push badly buckled wheels, all going to be related to steering and wheels, get a mechanic to check it out before it gets too bad and something snaps at interstate speeds. rod ends and struts will be more costly for repair just due to the time it takes.

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