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1 an 2 cable will not stay down

cables 1 & 2 will not stay down

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That is one of the many Design Flaws in the 3G/S models that i notice regularly. A simple fix to this issue is to use something to hold those connections down.

I personally use Anti-Static Kapton Tape (a specially designed tape to withstand high temperatures and create low static interference). You can find a link to the website here. You can also try using Electrical Tape, however i find that Kapton has a stronger and more reliable adhesive.

DO NOT use standard tape such as masking, gaffers or duct as they are not optimised for electronical devices and have the possibility to melt adhesive or create further damage in the circuitry.

Thankfully Apple has realised these types of faults and the interior of the iPhone 4 is absolutely beautiful compared to the 3G/S models.

Hope this helps! :)

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Beautiful answer, Martin. :) I would also recommend buying the new parts if they will not set in properly. But that tape martin is talking about, I need to get some!!

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Thanks Chris! :D And yes, it is very good stuff. I just realised that iFixit actually sells the stuff so here is the link.


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