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Un discendente dello smartphone LG V10, simile all'LG G5, rilasciato il 29 settembre 2016. L'LG V20 si distingue per i numeri modello F800, H910, H918, H990 DS Dual, H990N Dual, H990 T, LS 997, US 996 e VS995. È disponibile con finitura titanio, rosa o argento con 32 o 64 GB di memoria interna.

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Won't open links inside emails, texts or Messenger.

My phone is acting similarly to a phone that is in airplane mode. If I click a link inside an email or any type of message it tells me I have no wifi. It also kinda reminds me of when you stay in a hotel and you have very limited ability until you go to a browser page and agree with the terms of use. The only thing that happened was that my phone fell out of a bag a few days ago. I have a good case and the phone seemed unphased. I did lose the stylus when that happened but I don't ever use it.

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Make sure that you allow all apps to use Cellular Data Connection, a Cellular Data Restriction can cause it. If phone works on WiFi will be a Cellular Data Restriction. Also Check your phone for proxy or VPN connections.

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