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Lanciato il 26 ottobre 2018. Modelli A1984, A2105, A2106, A2108. Disponibile in versioni GSM o CDMA / eSIM, nano-SIM o dual-SIM / 64, 128 o 256 GB / Bianco, Nero, Blu, Giallo, Corallo o Rosso.

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Unknown apps running in the background.

Random battery drain during the day. This is the first time this has ever happened and it does not happen everyday. It’s not a major worry but a phone i got a month ago should not be at 12 by noon when it stays in my backpack.

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Hi Joshua The reason the battery runs out is because the phone itself does updates and uses data and that will use battery and also make sure the apps are closed which are in the background . IF the problem persists bring it back to the place of purchase or contact Apple so they can replace it or repair it for you at a genius appointment at an available Apple store near you

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i can do these repairs myself but thanks i don't need a crew of teens working on my phone when im not looking.


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joshua morgan sarà eternamente grato.
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