Refrigerator evaporator coils are not cold

Maytag freezer and fridge are both not cooling. Both condenser fan and evaporator fan are running well. Evaporator coils are room temperature but the part that connects it to the compressor/condenser coils is freezing up. Tried defrosting by powering off but frost builds up again in the same spot. Is this a sealed system leak? See image.

Block Image

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What is the model number of the refrigerator?

It could be either a lack of refrigerant (are there any oil residues under the compressor or on the condenser coils) or a blockage in the sealed system.


Thanks. The model number is MRT118FFFZ00. Can’t see any oil residue. Should the compressor and condenser coils be hot when running normally? They feel quite close to room temperature.


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