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Lanciato a giugno 2012 / processore Core i7 con Turbo Boost / Fino a 1 GB di RAM Video DDR5

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MacBook 15 2012 super slow even on usb

Hi everybody!

I’ve got a 15” MacBook Pro Mid 2012 that is gonna drive me crazy.

It runs super slow and can’t load OS. It also can’t load bootable USB installer (El Capitan, Sierra or High Sierra ). Sometimes when you let it load for 20 minutes can show installer menu or load OS from HDD but mouse move slow and anything works. It runs perfecly from ubuntu USB.

It runs Apple hardware test without any trouble (here the mouse move quickly and everything respond fine) that give this: 4HDD/11/40000000: SATA (0,0)

So I was thinking about bad SATA cable or HDD but why it can’t load from USB?

After I added a SSD and the SATA cable, putting the SSD in the Optical bay and nothing changes.

Same issues with or whitout (brand new) battery.

I think that I have a NVDIA GPU problem (it can explains good work under linux ) so I remove nvdia kext from extensions in single user mode. Nothing changed, really slow everywhere. So i put kext back in place and now loading bar stuck at start without load anything. linux still works perfectly.

Fun fact: After changing SATA cable and HDD apple hardware test always show same error.

Last idea that I got is that maybe the NVDIA GPU is the problem and I have to permanently shut it off removing some resistors under the power lines but it’s really out of my competences find out what it can be right one.

Thank to anyone can help

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first update, removed again nvida kext files and computer turn on in a second, but a lot of glitches on the screen and backlight regulation doesn't work anymore


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@Paolo Cadeddu - Not sure I follow why you put the SSD into the optical drives bay instead of just swapping out your HDD for the SSD.

If you are still encountering the diagnostic error: 4HDD/11/40000000: SATA (0,0) then you haven't solved the root issue and going down the GPU path is a red herring and has nothing to do with your problems. In fact altering the Kext files may have messed you up more.

Can you give us some more history on what happened with your system. Did you have a liquid spill into to the keyboard or trackpad? Did you sit the system down on a wet surface or drop your system?

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Replace the battery and try? MACs are known to slow the processor when there is poor or no battery? Being a old laptop perhaps the battery is bad.

Wait before you type but the battery is full - many third-party batteries report ‘incorrect and high’ values - just to make the customer happy

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