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The Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53-55G9 is a laptop targeted towards budget gamers. It boasts 256 GB of storage, Nvidia GeForce Graphics and an Intel i5 quad-core processor at a more affordable price than most gaming laptops.

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How do I replace the USB ports on this machine?

Both ports have broken off at the pins, and are unusable

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Which USB Ports are broken? The one on the left or the two on the right? If it’s the two on the right fortunately you can get that whole daughterboard replaced which is the more feasible option than just getting the ports individually replaced.

To individually replace the ports you would need micro-soldering tools and experience to do so which is not for the average DIYer out there. This is something I would leave to a professional from a local reputable laptop repair store to get it done.

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Thank you very much❤, it's the two on the right that are damaged. I'll check into a new daughterboard today


Here's the part:

55.Q3HN2.001 - USB Board (USB/ Audio Board)

It's cheaper if you search for that instead of just looking for a replacement for the laptop specifically.


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