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Is memory expansion possible?

I’m considering purchasing a mac book pro 2019 13inch the cheaper of the 256gb model ( i’m not made of money) i was wondering since i haven’t payed to much attention to apple products in recent years. Is it possible to upgrade the inbuilt storage with an NVME drive as you have been able to with previous generations?

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Sorry what you buy is what you get until you sell your system or kill it.

Since 2012 all MacBook Pro retina’s use soldered RAM! And since 2016 they now have soldered storage (Flash like your phone)

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I think it would be possible to have an extended memory in the storage capacity. There are many companies providing such type of memory expandable external disc you could have a look online too besides, looking nearby shop around the city.

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RAM and disk storage are a bit different. The systems physical RAM is a set of chips which are soldered in this system, older 2012 Unibody MacBook Pro's had SO-DIMM slots so you could replace/upgrade the RAM.

Storage typically was a spinning disk, hard disk drive (HDD), today its now flash chips configured into a solid state drive (SSD).

So while you can connect an external drive the I/O speed is not in the same realm of RAM. So sadly this does not offer any help.


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