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3rd party homebutton on 7 plus

Hi there, i have got 7+ with damaged homebutton so i decide to buy 3rd party one just like HX and YF from AliExpress. These should work, but without TouchID function. Unfortunately none of them works ( got 4 of them ) Now I am thinking why?

I tried 2 original LCD’s and 1 aftermarket -> no result, so home button flex shouldnt be faulty.

i know that camera flex is faulty, camera is not working but the front earspeaker working. Does it have anything common with homebutton?

Dont want to believe 4 of homebuttons are faulty. Unfortunately i do not have another 7 or 8 to test it with. Any solutions?

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Hi Ben, i have got 3rd generation homebuttons working without bluetooth and jumper pad already. These ones do not need bluetooth. You are right, iPhone has been dropped to the water for few seconds, unfortunately after the screen replacement it has not been “water proof.” So you think the problem can be motherboard? I will try to clean it with isopropanol and will see. iPhone working great i am just not able to run homebutton. Is there any commons with camera flex?

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Yeah there can be a problem with home button that is caused by a liquid damaged front camera flex assembly.

Try without the front camera plugged in and see if the problem persists.

Since the phone sounds like it may be liquid damaged the area you'll need to check is specifically where the jumper pads would be installed.

If the pads or test point around that area are corroded or missing due to being too corroded a jumper wire from the same trace of that broken pad to the matching screen connector pin or component before it must be done for those missing pads to restore the circuitry that connects to the home button connector on the screen.


Hi Ben, i just bought new and original camera flex, it works perfectly. Means it cant be due to camera flex. Tried 3 LCD’s, so it cant be homebutton flex. Disconecting front camera do not do any action. Motherboard looks perfect without any damage or corodded parts. Funny thing is homebutton with pin pad work, with Bluetooth, but works. I have a feelings i have got 4 faulty series homebuttons now.

Unfortunately i do not know what pins to check and what should be the voltage to be sure the homebutton is powered.


Sounds like faulty home buttons to me. If jumper pad ones do work then there appears to be no problems for home button caused by the phone itself.

As the jumper pads use the same circuitry for powering the aftermarket home buttons as the ones that dont.


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This might be a silly question but the home buttons you are buying may be required to be paired via Bluetooth.

There are also some older version home buttons where they require applying a jumper pad that is supplied with the home button.

Is there any signs of liquid damage near the screen connectors? This can cause the home button to not get power or work properly.

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