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MacBook Pro 15' (2015) Black Display. External HDMI Works (w/ VIDEO)


Hi everyone, I have a 15' Macbook Pro retina (Mid-2015) that had the display stop working this week. It works perfect when I plug it into an external monitor or TV through HDMI or thunderbolt = display issue. The webcam still works, but there is no light on the apple symbol on back of the screen,Problem started this week when slight flashing would occur and all of a sudden screen turned black (see video). There is 0 picture now and wont show anything. I was quoted 850 euro to get a new obviously thats not ideal.

I took it into a verified Mac Reseller and Repair store. All they could tell me was that I would need a new one (VMI: Passed, Worked with different known functioning Display). I have never abused the laptop and everything is in perfect working order other than the screen...I have tried resetting the VRAM and rebooting etc.

If anyone has any information I would be really appreciative. It was working perfectly fine and all of a sudden the screen cut out.

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You'll need to do a bit more testing here to isolate the issue.

First when the display is black are you able to shine a flashlight in through the Apple Logo on the lid (a poor mans backlight) see if your desktop icons are visible as that will be important to know.

While this may sound odd are you using the same power strip of your system and the display (TV) Ideally it should be a good surge suppressor. If not give that a try.

Let us know what you find.


So it does not shine through. I’m typing on it right now as it started working again but is flashing constantly black, only a matter of time id say before it dies again. Also I was using the same power strip but am not using one now and am still getting the issue.


If the display is flashing it might be hard to see the flashlight shining through the logo as it will be faint.

As far as the power strip the concerns was a surge or hot ground condition. Once it happens it doesn't matter any more as the damage is done.


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Sad to say your logic boards mux logic is likely damaged. The video feed takes quite a few different pathways as it needs to feed both the internal and external monitors via Thunderbolt or HDMI ports.

Here’s the guide and it has the parts info in it Sostituzione scheda madre MackBook Pro Retina 15" metà 2015

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OMG Thank you I was looking for weeks to figure out how to fix this!


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