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Battery drains fast after screen replacement

I have changed the complete screen (touch + digitizer) and realized that the battery is dying so fast. ( in 1 minute -3%)

Okay, I decided to put a new battery into the phone. The phone skill kills the battery so quick.

So what I have:

  • New aftermarket screen
  • New aftermarket battery
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Now I have another aftermarket screen, there is probably a short circuit. This lukewarm happens with 3 different screens.

My theory is, something happened with the motherboard.


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Alright, the consequence is:

The aftermarket battery has so poor performance, all the screens was okay. The bottom of the screen is warm caused by backlight flash.

solution in my case is: another new battery from different vendor

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Hi Bence!

Just to exclude the problem caused by new parts, did you try to change back the old module, to see how battery drain will be?

3% in 1 minute it’s too fast, looks like a short circuit, your phone phone must be warming up a lot (maybe even display temperature alerts).

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