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Lo smartwatch Apple di quarta generazione, con connettività cellulare opzionale, lanciato il 21 settembre 2018.

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Back Glass cracked, watch not turning on

My Apple watch series 4 back glass broke near the heart sensor. It was on post that but had only 10% battery. It got switched off n post that it is not turning on. Even is showing the charging snake symbol and then the time. It is not turning on. The display was fine after the back glass broke. I'm unable to understand the problem

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You’ll need to visit an Apple Store as the battery likely swelled pushing on the back damaging it.

Hopefully they will cover it under warranty.

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I checked with apple store. They are saying to replace the entire unit costing 28900 Rs


Ouch! Indian Rupee 28900 Rs = $406.75 US Dollars is a little over half of a new Stainless.

India still doesn't have a real Apple Store yet as far as I know so you had to go to a authorized reseller. Going to a real Apple Store would be better if you can find your way to a real one.


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