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Repair information for the 7" Android tablet by Samsung. Fixing this device is straightforward, and requires only common tools. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is an Android-based tablet computer produced by Samsung. The 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first model in the series. It was introduced on September 2, 2010

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The touch screen broke

My samsung galaxy fell on the floor and broke the screen, how to change the screen?

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Though it's not meant to be used as disassembly instructions, our teardown should give you a general idea of how the Tab comes apart. Unfortunately, we didn't make any guides for this device.

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Thanks iFixit for the teardown as I used it as my road-map on performing my glass replacement.

I cracked my screen a few weeks ago and finally received a replacement. They cab be found for about $30.00 US and usually ship from Hong Kong. The build quality for the glass replacement seems good but does not have the same specific markings on the digitizer cable, and there is a slight difference in how it looks.

The Samsung OEM glass (amtel) when you look at it once removed has a reddish tint on the inside where you can see the wires inside the digitizer. The new glass (unknown manufacturer, and I really did not spend much time trying to figure it out) is more black and less red. Other than that the exterior portion of the panel looks the same.

I don't have a heat gun and didn't want to teardown the entire unit so here is what I did:

1) Remove 2x tri-wing philips screws.

2) Carefully pull away the black plastic backing. I didn't have any fancy guitar tabs or tools. Just hands, fingernails, brute strength and patience. Took about 15 minutes. So if you have the tools I suggest using them.

3) Once removed I noticed the digitizer cable is plugged in right on the "rear" of the device and just looped around the outside. Once I removed the cable from the little plug I noticed that I should be able to remove the glass without any removing anything else.

4) Heat gun replacement was a heat lamp in a bathroom. I took a bar stool, and a foot stool, and a towel. Stacked the foot stool on the bar stool, placed a small towel on the foot stool and placed the tab glass side up on the towel right under the heat lamp. Turned on the heat lamp, shut the door and waited 30 minutes.

*PRO TIP The device has a magnesium body. It'll get HOT.

5) Once the tablet was hot enough I carefully pryed away the broken glass. It's a messy job, do it over a sink, or an area that will contain a bunch of glass shards. Not over the bathroom floor like I did. Really bad idea.

6) After the glass was removed I had to clean up some left over adhesive. Wow that stuff is a PITA.

7) lay the tablet screen side down on a clean surface (remember, bare LCD screen, be careful to keep it clean and safe).

8) Plug in the new digitizer. What I did was plug it in while the device was screen side down, remove the adhesive backing and protection of the inside of the glass screen and then "close it like a book" on the front of the device paying special attention to keep it lined up. First try was off about 1mm on one corner and it was horrible so I had to carefully pry it back of a re-seat it.

9) Applied moderate pressure with the glass side down on a thin hand towel to make sure there was a good bond.

10) Tested device to power on, charge, play music, make sure buttons work, etc. Prior to putting the housing back on the device.

11) Re-assembled device. 100% good to go. Though I think there is a little more "give/flex" with this new glass, no idea if it is up to the same quality control as the Samsung OEM. Didn't really have a choice and happy with this result.

Total cost:

Approx $30.00 US for the glass, and $9.00 for a tri-wing screwdriver, $10.00 for a bottle of wine consumed before, during, and after procedure to keep me loose. Not too bad.

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Thanks was quite helpful

Instead of using heat, I applied thinner to the gum sparingly as I tried peeling off the broken glass. Made it really really easy to remove

Cost me about ~$60.00 for the glass though

Repairers charged ~$20.00 to fix. So I eventually saved me 20 box

To keep me loose, I had one of my girl-friends help out, she's really into tinkering gadgets :)

Thanks again

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It was easy faaam. I told my ##&&%#@ to do it

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