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Lanciato da Samsung a marzo 2016. Modello SM-G930.

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How do I orient the new battery back seal?

My Samsung Galaxy S7’s screen went 1/2 gray and restore was impossible. I discovered that the problem is a bad chip solder junction in the motherboard and successfully replaced it and the phone works well now,


I messed up replacing the battery/back seal gasket. How do I figure out which way that seal is oriented, the manufacturer refused to answer my question.

Also, how do I apply that seal without it coming back off while I try to peel off the clear sheet it is mounted on. I went through two of them with no success. I want to do this right this time.

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No One can help me?


@drhoo I think there may be some confusion as what you are looking for. Post some images and point out to us what seal you have etc.


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There’s a guide to install the adhesive here.

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That doesn’t tell me which way to orient the seal, there are two ways it could go on, one end or the other on the top of the phone. I’ll post a photo of the seals tomorrow. The seal maker won’t answer my question and no guide says how to orient the seal.


How can I go about posting a photo of the seal product here, I can't find an upload photo link? Also, I bought the seal on Amazon, but the one in the photo on Amazon is not the product they sent, I think it's just s stock photo.


I think I see how to post image, with daylight tomorrow I will post a photo. My problem is figuring out what side of the seal goes on top and which goes on the bottom.


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