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L'aggiornamento di Marzo 2015 della linea 13" dei Macbook Pro con Retina Display (modello A1502) adotta processori Intel Core i5 ed i7 di quinta generazione, introduce inoltre il trackpad Force Touch.

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MacBook doesn't turn on pressing the button

as the title suggests, the macbook does not switch on unless I disconnect and reconnect the battery and then plug in the power cord. I thought it was a defect of the power button, but when the computer is on it works by activating the shutdown window. so I would exclude a keyboard defect, is it possible that the problem is in the on/off circuit? how can i verify that this is the case? what else can determine this behavior?

ps: I tried the various reset procedures but they don't work (the led on the power connector does not change color)

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Led color not changing when trying to reset SMC and power button not working point to a charging circuit fault. If you have a multimeter you can probe the charging connector pins and post the outcome of your measurement, but it seems you’ll need a board repair or replacement.

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But the mac charges fine. The battery goes up to 100% and it works when unplugged


@Giacomo Zema The full name of the circuitry is "PBus supply and battery charger" to be precise. It consists of a number of components and needs the aid of SMC to work properly. Unless there's a major fault shutting down the full circuitry, it may happen that parts still work fine while others stop working, as it seems to be the case with your Mac. Whether the issue is caused by the SMC or by another component on "PBus supply and battery charger" or sensing, as more often happens, it can't be figured out without thorough testing.


Ok I think it might be it. The keyboard is not faulty since when i press the power button when the computer is on it registers it. The problem occurs when it is switched off. So I figure it is that part of the circuitry that is involved. How can I investigate further? Should I take it apart? Inspect the motherboard? I already took the bottom cover off and did not notice any inconsistency on the logic board


@Giacomo Zema A visual inspection would be a good idea to start with, better with the help of a good light source and some magnification. Then I'd check all the SMC_ONOFF_L circuitry and then jump to PBus supply and battery charger and finally the SMC itself.


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When you mean activating shut down window, is this via the power button key on the keyboard or is it via pressing the shut down on the top left apple menu?

If it is the latter then it's most likely going to be a keyboard problem, make sure to test every key on the keyboard too.

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