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My old MacBook air show blue colour only.

my old macbook air show blue colour only, even if i plug it to external display, its only show white and black colour.

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its that because GPU fali r smothing else?

Update (09/28/2019)

when I try to plug to externadl display its show like this

Block Image

after login its, become like this

Block Image

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Yep - Either corrosion on the LVDS connector or a damaged internal display


ok, thanks @danj


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At this point you’ll need to check your logic board displays connection. The LVDS connection may have corrosion damage and/or the cable is damaged or the display its self.

I would also try an external display to see what it shows.

Follow this guide MacBook Air Models A1237 and A1304 Display Assembly Replacement to Step 3 then jump to Step 23 disconnecting the cable and inspecting the connectors for damage.

Given the age of this system it maybe time to upgrade to a newer system (used or new).

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