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Cellular service quit - 4 white dots in top right corner...?

I was at dinner and noticed I didn’t have cell service, but thought it was due to building. Left and still not working… I noticed at the top right it has 4 white dots. Left is just location and time. Thoughts/ideas? Here is pic

Block Image

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Go to Settings->General->Reset-> Reset Network Settings *only this one* any other may cause data loss.

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Thanks! I tried that and it seems to have only deleted my saved WiFi passwords. It’s the cellular service that won’t work


Try taking out and reinserting your SIM card.


Ok... did it. That didn’t work either.


I have seen this problem a couple of times. I have had to separate the layers and reball the interposer board. It is too early to tell if this is a permanent fix.


That's very good to know, especially considering I use an Xs as a personal device. In that case, I might recommend taking it to apple and replacing it before the warranty runs out to avoid further issues.


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