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Haveing trouble with me truck it's not fireing

I have replaced the coil distributor all spark plugs and wires fule pump and fule pump fuse relay and even the ECU and it's still not getting any pules to the injector what do I do ? It's a 1994 Toyota pickup 4cly 2.4 liter

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I believe that the sensor in the distributor sends a timing signal to the computer to fire the injectors, so you are saying you have 12 volts at the injectors but the computer is not grounding them to fire them, can you listen to the injectors by putting a long screwdriver against one and listening with your ear up against the handle to tell of they are clicking or not? They may be out of time, the distributor that is. Did you open up the computer to check for burnt spots or blown injector transistors, if one driver is blown, the engine will not start with only one good driver, I believe one driver fires 2 injectors. Can you start the engine by spraying carb cleaner into the throttlebody while cranking?

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