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I can text and receive messages, but I can’t call or receive calls

Everything else works fine, my phone number is still the same, I can text and receive messages, but I’m unable to call and receive calls.

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I called my carrier and they just pushed a button and activated it. Thanks for the help!


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Which service provider do you have? Have you taken the SIM card out and blown on it and the slot,then reinserted it?

Have you reset network settings in your iPhone?(settings,general,reset,reset network settings)? Have you tried the SIM card in another phone to see if calling works on the other phone?….if so,what were the results? You can also try your family members SIM card in your phone to see what happens.

Is your iPhone up to date?

If you’ve already tried the above,you can always try to factory reset the iPhone and setup as new to see if it works again. If you do this,back it up first!!!! I repeat,BACK IT UP FIRST to iTunes. If this still doesn’t solve it,It’s most likely going to be hardware related.

Network resetting resets WiFi passwords and network cache files. It can solve glitches with WiFi and cellular problems,including calls. Factory resetting it will erase everything,but can solve software glitches in the file system.

Honestly,I’d try the SIM card suggestions first,and network reset. The factory erase reset is a last resort…

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maybe your provider network is not working. That is what is happening with me

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Phone receives messages but does not receive call,Stylo

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