Why is my sd card 'locked' after card slot replacement?

First of, my device is HDR-CX280E (not in list but comparable device).

I used the following guide to remove the sd card assembly:

Sony Handycam CX250E SD Card Slot Replacement

After disassembly i desoldered the card slot since the internal pins touching the sd card were bent.

I soldered on a new card slot on that I found online.

After soldering i checked all pins individually. They are connected and they do not touch eachother.

Now the device says the card is locked and i should check if the physical lock on the card is off.

The physical lock is off. Tried multiple cards that work in other devices.

Any advice or suggestions is much appreciated!


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Reformat SD


Remove SD and turn lock ON and then lock OFF



@propman thank jou for the links!

Unfortunately no fix.

- can not reformat the sd since camera shows says it is locked.

- turning lock on and off has no effect .


@cedric_c maybe try reformatting the SD card on a computer rather than the cam.

Don't really know anything about those units, but it may be a case of the switch being in a certain position when installing the SD socket. If possible, check the validity of the switch itself (is it mechanical or electronic?). If electronic and applicable is the switch located near where you were doing the SD replacement? If yes, do continuity check and check/touch up solder connections.


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