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Rilasciato il 19 Settembre 2104, è la versione con schermo più grande (5.5") dell'iPhone 6.

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Is there an camera flash connector?

Basically I put together an iphone 6s plus as a project via a new 3rd party rear housing + connecters, battery and screen from ebay and used the board from a damaged phone (camera “knocked off” not working, headphone jack thinking headphones plugged even when not and id button not working).

Phone works now, board coupled with said ebay parts. I’m using the original camera as that’s showing a crisp image and the ebay one was blurry, but I have no flash.

My question is… Is the flash on a separate conector to the camera?

It doesn’t even work when used as the flashlight from the home screen. (I’m assuming the flashlight icon is a flashlight and the camera flash would light up when that’s used?)

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Flashlight is on the power button flex cable unit.

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Flash is not on a separate connector. There is no mention of the flash unit during the teardown, and the camera doesn’t have the flash enabled.

I would love to provide more information, but unfortunately I can’t help with this kind of issue.

Good luck!

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