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Repair information and troubleshooting for Craftsman-brand riding lawnmowers.

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Craftsman YTS3000 won’t go into gear

I recently got a craftsman yts3000 from an in-law. Rebuilt the motor and everything runs like normal except getting the mower into gear. It looks like some piece or shaft that goes from the Shift Lever (reverse, N, forward etc.) is broke n. It looks like the shaft piece missing would go from the Lever across the transaxle and then bolt Into something but unsure what it is or what I am looking for.

Hopefully this makes sense. If you need a picture I can provide that information.

i have a feeling it’s part #175

The model is: 917289213

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In case anyone’s wondering or has the same issue. I found the part number and what it does.

Below is the amazon link for part number: 197859 which is called a “shift link”.

Husqvarna 532197859 Lawn Tractor Shift Link

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That's not the same problem as mine my old craftsmen I can put it in gear to go forward and then for it to go forward I have to press the brake pedal halfway down then it goes and that's the same as if i wanna go in reverse the brake does work

I think what caused this problem was when the store gave me the wrong size drive belt and I forced it on the mower an it was so tight on it held the brake pedal halfway down I think I'll need to adjust the brake I believe it smashed it in to tight and got the brake out of wack

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