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Introdotto il 19 settembre 2014, questo iPhone con schermo da 4,7" è la versione più piccola dell'iPhone 6 Plus.

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Can I Use a Water Damaged iPhone 6 for parts?

I have a water damaged iPhone 6 that I would like to use for parts because the shell looks great still and I have another iPhone 6 with a beat up shell but perfectly working logic board and the battery is all messed up.

So just to detail them, on the donor iPhone:

The shell looks great and it was about 1 month old when it was dropped in water and got damaged. Therefore, I have no idea which part of it is good and which part isn’t.

On the working iphone:

The Shell is messed up and the battery is at about 60% wear level and the antenna also seems to have problems because when I use my bluetooth headphones, they keep breaking up if I move around and it works fine with other phones plus it never use to do that before.

Can someone tell me if moving the logic board over to the donor phone (water damaged) is a good idea? and if there is anything else I should do besides moving the components?

I will be eternally grateful to anyone taking your precious time to answer this.

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Electronics Water Damage

And once that is all done, unless you have some serious test equipment pretty much the only way you are going to find out if parts are still viable is by re-installing them. Might want to keep in mind though that even though a component looks good it may be damaged and if used with known good components has the possibility to cause further damage to the good components. Hope your endeavours work for you! :-)


@propman Thank you. I will follow this guide.


Last update:

the last thing that wasn’t working properly was my wifi and bluetooth connection because I realized later that I transferred my logic board from the working phone to the water damaged shell and everything else.

So I took the phone apart again to exchange the wifi antenna and voila! It’s now working perfectly.

I should mention here that while everyone’s suggestion is to replace that antenna, if your are experiencing the same problem where you do have signal but it’s just weak, you might just need to take the phone apart to make sure that the antenna is clipped onto the logic board properly, because if it’s working but weak, it means it might just be nothing more than a bad connection . Try this first and see if it fixes your problem before buying a new part.


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Depends on what you’re taking out of the water-damaged phone, and whether or not it’s “ok”. You can definitely use the shell of one, since it’s just metal. Anything electronic I’d suggest not to use.

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An update to this thread, I move the motherboard from the working iPhone 6 to the water damaged iPhone 6.

So what I ended up with is the screen and motherboard of the old iPhone to the water damaged iPhone.

Luckily, everything but the wifi and bluetooth is working properly so far. It might have something to do with the way I installed it so I will open the phone again and see where I went wrong but I did already have a problem with it before the transfer so it basically just got weaker.

Everything else is working perfectly fine:

I had a problem with the 3.5mm jack before the transfer and that’s gone.

I had a problem with the battery where it didn’t last half a day anymore because it had gone through over 1543 cycles and the battery is reading the new battery’s cycle at 241 and it lasts all day, (just a bit more than a day actually.

The speakers are crisp again where they were kind of muffled before through wear and tear.

And the shell is new again as well.

So I will try to fix the wifi and bluetooth issue and update on that. Hopefully I can at least get it back to being weak signals instead of not picking up anything at all.

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