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The JBL Charge 3 can be recognized by its distinct woven speaker cover and rubber accents. It was released in 2016 and features a fully waterproof design, 20 hours of playback time, and bluetooth connectivity.

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My job charger 3 will not hold a charge and goes off after an hour on.

I charged up jobless charger 3, turned on to play music when grandson takes a nap. Speaker turns of after an hour or so of playing. Reconnect to charge and lights indicate battery is full. When I turn it off, the battery indicator lights flash. What is the problem?

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Hi @fredrika ,

It seems as though the battery is failing under load and most probably will have to be replaced.

Here’s a link to the ifixit Sostituzione JBL Charge 3 guide

ifixit can supply a JBL Charge 3 Battery (depending on location - ships to lower 48 states of USA only) It is only shown to give an idea of the cost of the part

There may be other suppliers that suit you better. Just search online for JBL Charge 3 battery to get results for suppliers.

Immagine JBL Charge 3 Battery


JBL Charge 3 Battery


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