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Model A1418 / Mid 2014 / 1.4, 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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Lost sound from speakers!

I have a similar problem on my iMac...

No headphones plugged in, the options in the Sound Preferencences menu is 'Internal Speakers' (Type: Built-in).

I then insert the headphone jack into the back of the iMac, instead of 'Headphones' being added as a second sound output option, it replaces 'Internal Speakers' with 'Headphones' (Type: Headphone port), not giving me the ability to switch or toggle between the two Sound Output options (Internal Speakers or Headphones).

Remove the headphone jack, it reverts back to 'Internal Speakers'

Running OS 10.13.6 (shipped with the machine) and shouldn't require an update to Mojave to operate correctly. Have 2 machines at work (Same OS), headphones plugged in permanently, both are able to switch between the 2 options…

Mac is only 9 months old and has already had the Logic or Motherboard replaced, so not sure if this is the issue or is there something I am missing? Surely a 4 month old, new machine shouldn't require a replacement of a core internal component!!

These are the screen grabs of the Sound Preferences screen

Block Image

Block Image


I understand how the jack works and cutting off the signal to the internal speakers, but if you read my issue again, it's not about that, but the fact I do not have options of sound output to be able to switch between BOTH outputs: Internal Speakers or Headphones without having to pull or insert the plug each time I wish to switch!

Can you answer that?

I am able to have BOTH options available as a switching scenario shown in the Sound Preferences window in the pics I posted? I can on my other machines at work, but not this iMac. Have always had the option on other machines too

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What is your exact model?


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This is the correct behavior! The assumption is if you plug in the headphones (left plugged in) you don’t want the internal speakers to also be active. This is how most PC’s work, and how all Mac systems work. My TV’s and stereo also work this way.

Here’s a closer look on how the headphone jack works

Block Image

The simple act of plugging in the plug breaks the short to the internal speaker lines.

If you want an either or both speakers with the headphones plugged in you’ll need to get your self a pair of wired (using either the headphone jack or USB plug) or wireless Bluetooth speakers (with the headphone jack you’ll need a spitter). You’ll then need to manually to enable which you want on. With Bluetooth the menu bar can be used.

Your other Mac systems must have either method I just described or they had there headphone jack modified

Update (08/23/2019)

The iMac’s are not setup to offer switchable outputs via the Speaker/Headphone jack only one output is possible.

To gain dual output which you are active at the same time you’ll need to do this externally with a dual headphone adapter connected to external speaker & headphone devices

You need to use either a USB DAC adapter or via Bluetooth with your sound gear connected to it which you can then use the sound control panel to switch the output between the internal speaker/headphone set and the external via USB connected gear.

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