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The Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro is a line of notebook computers by Fujitsu Siemens, now Fujitsu Technology Solutions.

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My laptop has been locked all by itself

My laptop is locked and it is asking for administrator password. I never set any password in it. How to take this off?

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What operating system have you on the laptop??


My laptop has been locked how do I open


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If you are unable to get access, you may need to reinstall the OS. Double check to ensure your computer was not subject to a takeover and ensure you’ve update your protections to prevent future takeovers

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What is this OS


@Cosmas Kipkoech

OS = Operating System i.e. Win 7, Win 8.1, Win 10, Linux etc.


How can I reinstall it


@Cosmas Kipkoech

Reinstall by downloading an OS install file (e.g. search for "download Win 10") to a USB flashdrive (or if you have an installation dvd) and boot the laptop using the USB or dvd drive and follow the prompts for a new installation.

Plenty of info on the internet about how to install an OS in a laptop


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